Use Examples to Get Your Point Across

Just Tell Them What You Mean

Telling a story is not that complicated. People do it all the time. They do it without realizing they are telling a story. But then, when a story would do, they balk. They drop into some form of ritualistic tech-talk that confuses the listeners and shuts them down.

Stories can be nothing more than an example. But it is a way of explaining what you are saying and why you are saying it.

This Is What Happened to Me

Recently I was writing a newsletter for one of my other businesses. Yes, I have other businesses. In addition to being a speaker, I also have clients who I coach in their businesses. The article I was working on was about getting ready for summer. It won’t go out for a few weeks but I am putting it together now. In the newsletter I was advising them that it is a good idea to entrust a close, trusted friend with a key to your house when you leave so they can check on your premises while you are gone.

Rather than try to go through all of the reasons, I just told them a little story of what happened to me. You see, one time while I was away from my house for about a week the little hose that goes to the ice maker on the fridge sprung a leak. Because I had somebody checking on the house, they caught it before it got too bad.

Let Them See What You Are Talking About

By telling them that story, I stimulated their imagination. I made them think about at least one thing that could happen and that caused them to think about others. My advice about having someone check the house made a whole lot more sense. Now my advice had value. They could see me as a real person who had real experience and that gives me more credibility in their eyes. Remember, people are going to do business with you if they know, like and trust you. By sharing this little story about my life they got to know me better as a person. That’s valuable.

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