What Is It About Storytelling?

I’m all about storytelling

What can I say about storytelling? It has been the mainstay of my adult life. It has helped me navigate through the perils of practicing law and has helped me keep my sanity when times or things got tough. I love stories. I love hearing a good story and I love telling a good story. Which brings me here to the story about storytelling.

We all like stories. Most of the time we don’t even think about it. But we tell each other stories all the time. We talk about our spouses, our kids, our jobs, our trials, tribulations, victories and yes, defeats. It is how we communicate. It is the way human beings have communicated since the times we lived in caves. You don’t think those drawings on the side of the caves were supposed to be pieces of art, do you?

How about something to accent the carpet?

It’s not like the cave lady said to her illiterate, hairy, bulky male cave-dweller, “Honey, I’m thinking of a picture of, let’s say a horse, right here above the table. And maybe a deer over here.” No! it was about storytelling.

Someone, male or female saw something that language would not yet be able to describe. So they told a story with pictures. When language became more sophisticated humans started telling stories verbally. Communication has always been about story telling.

Then came marketing. Good marketing is about storytelling. Bad marketing is about facts. Who cares if one laundry detergent has more of this chemical than its competitor unless you can tell me what it is going to do for me?

My Story

Here’s my story, or at least part of it. I am a storyteller. I am an entertainer. I am a public speaker. I am a humorist.

Okay, you see those are facts. Facts tell, stories sell. This space is here to tell you my story and my stories. If you want me to entertain, educate or inspire your group or organization, reach out to me. I’ll tell you a story and when we’re done you’ll understand why I should be your next speaker.