What Is My Purpose?

It Is Your Purpose

Finding one’s purpose can be a real task.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

That is a great quote. At some time in our life we all take at least a moment to ponder our purpose. Some people take one quick look and move on while others spend the greater part of their lives embroiled in angst about their purpose.

In my presentation on a Culture of Confidence™ I lay out for my audience six very effective tools that they can use to help them have the courage to be confident and the confidence to be courageous.

God Has a Purpose For Me

One of those tools is “purpose.”

Have you ever heard someone who survives some big disaster being interviewed on television comment about how they feel they were saved because God has some “purpose” for their life? The thinking is that there is something great they are going to accomplish now that they have survived.

That is a perfectly understandable human response from someone who has inexplicably survived a catastrophic event. It seems that there is no explanation as to why they lived through a plane crash or earthquake or hurricane. They want to find some meaning in what seems to them almost unbelievable.

For the most part we never hear about that person again. And if we do they are living fairly ordinary lives. Life just works that way. It is natural for people to want to think their life has some greater reason than simple existence.

Find Your Own Purpose

Most people do not have some grand purpose. But all people can have a purpose. The trick is to find your own purpose and live it.

Yesterday I got an invitation by email to join a webinar in which I would learn my purpose in life. I know the person conducting the webinar. I know that she believes she knows what my purpose is. She knows what yours is, mine is and everyone else’s is. And she wants to tell you in this webinar. If it were only that simple. It seems there are people everywhere who have a theory.

You are the one who has the power to determine your purpose. And the good news is that your purpose is subject to change depending on your place in life’s journey.

Only a few can cure cancer, discover a new continent, be the first to walk on the moon or start a new government. And that may not have even been the true “purpose” of that person’s life.

Find your current purpose and work at it. Mine is to enjoy each day as much as I possibly can. I believe each day is a gift. That is what you do with a gift, you enjoy it. I begin each day being thankful that I woke up. It is a good start, isn’t it?

That does not mean I do not work or have daily challenges. I deal with those as best I can. And while I am doing it I am committed to enjoying that day to the fullest.

Find your purpose. Examine your life and where you are. What is it you want to do with this day, this week, year or decade? Then work to achieve that.

Most important of all, make sure that it is the purpose you choose, not that someone else chooses for you.