Covid-19 Fear Response

Covid-19 Fear Mongers

In these tumultuous times many well-intended comments are misconstrued. It results from uncertainty, fear, insecurities and worries. It happens as a a result of the Covid-19 fear.

That is perfectly understandable.

Please Don’t Panic

For the past few days I have tried to urge people not to panic about the Covid-19 virus. I have urged my friends not to panic about shortages in the stores. I have urged them not to panic about what they see happening around them.

A few of my followers seem to misunderstand what I am saying.

A Serious Disease

I recognize that this is a very serious disease and we are in a very serious situation right now. But panic does not solve any problem. In fact it makes it worse.

There is no more serious situation than armed combat. In that life threatening situation, with bullets flying around your head, artillery shells exploding yards away and and the enemy within hand grenade range, panic does not serve any purpose. In fact it is counter productive.

It is hard to stay calm in those situations but it is necessary. And the same is true today. In the combat situation everybody has to work together as a team. The same applies to now.

Check on Others

Follow good hygiene. If you are able, stay at home. Check on your friends or family members to see if they need some sort of assistance. You cannot help yourself, or anyone else if you are not level-headed.

Now is the time to step up. Put your fears behind you. Absorb the reality of what is happening. Make rational decisions based on the evidence, not the hype.

The chances are greater that you will come through this in good health, than they are that you will contract the virus. Focus on that result instead of letting your fear overwhelm you.

Use Good Judgment

So use good judgment. Follow the government directives on staying at home, pray for those who get the virus and all of the people who will suffer irreparable financial damage because of all of this.

Be a good neighbor and friend.