How To Spend This Day

Each Precious Day

As you move through all that you will do today keep in mind that it is the only time you are going to get to have this day. April 20, 2021 will never come again in your life.

How are you going to use this day?

That is a question that I encourage you to ask of yourself each and every morning of your life. If you do you will discover that you are getting a lot more out of your days.

To some people getting a lot more out of the day suggests being more productive at work. That is not necessarily what I mean by that phrase.

I Will Survive

Each day is a precious commodity. I want to get as much enjoyment out of that day as I am able. That might mean a productive day at the office. Or it might mean that I do nothing that day but sit around and spend time with those I love.

As living, breathing creatures our first concern is survival. Because we are in what some see as a highly sophisticated society, we frequently take survival for granted. There are no actual wolves at our doors. Most of us are fortunate enough that we do not have to be concerned about where our next meal is coming from.

More and More

What we do is complicate our lives by feeling we need to have more and more. We tell ourselves that we need a bigger house, a more prestigious vehicle, nicer jewelry or clothes. These are choices that we make that put pressure on us. The choices create stress in our lives.

There is nothing wrong with a big house, nice car, fancy clothes, or jewelry. The question is how much happiness are you willing to sacrifice to get them?

Ask yourself as you go through your day whether what you are doing is contributing to your joy in life. Are you saddled with obligations? Is your day made up of things you “have” to get done? How free are you to choose how you want to spend this very valuable gift of today?

Take a moment and think about how you are spending each day. It is yours to do with as you wish. Do not waste it.