What Can I Do About This Sadness?

Sadness Can Be Conquered

Did you know that crying may actually help you overcome your sadness? It’s true. It didn’t make make sense to me at first. I thought crying was only going to make a person sadder. Crying may actually release some of those feel-good endorphins into our blood. And who doesn’t want more endorphins? Although it seems a little strange, crying may actually help to make you happy. Have you ever seen a child crying and then suddenly start to giggle? It isn’t a scientific study, but maybe it works. I am all about being happy.

Don’t Force Crying on Yourself

Crying is not going to automatically cure your blues. If you don’t feel like crying, then don’t. Crying does have some objective benefits. It does serve as an outward expression of your feelings of sadness. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are crying. Some cultures, though, feel that crying is wrong. And I don’t mean great big cultures like countries. It can be a family culture that frowns upon crying. ¬†Maybe you remember Tom Hanks in that great movie “A League of Their Own” saying, “There’s no crying in baseball.” Whoever came up with that thought never watched any of my little league games. It was usually the coach who was crying. So, if you feel like crying to overcome your sadness, give it a shot. The idea is to get back to a stage of happiness.

My Mother Made Crying an Art Form

My mother was a master at crying. In fact she did it so well that it used to make me uncomfortable to be around people who were crying. Do you feel that way? I got over it. I now am more understanding when there is real sadness and crying. I look back now and realize how sad my mother was for most of her life. Maybe that’s why I am devoted to happiness. My parents, each from a different perspective, fashioned my beliefs about happiness.

One of the problems with sadness is that you never think you are going to get over it and be happy again. I felt that way a few times in my life. But I pushed through. I got my happy on and that”s what I want for you. Get your happy on. Leave your sadness behind. It’s time to find the joy of life. Let’s go.