“I was not that excited about a legal presentation … and then Wayne got up there and I was absolutely amazed”

~ Shep Hyken, Former President of the National Speakers Association

“Legal stuff freaks me out. Wayne was amazing here at NSA !”

~Carolyn Strauss, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, TV Personality

“Wayne … took something that a lot of us don’t think we care about and translated it into where we totally get it and got us thinking about it and take action on it.”

~Gary Rifkin, Speaker, Coach

“… not only did he make it simple, he used humor … was down to earth …I thought Wayne knocked it out of the park…”

~ Amy Simatos, Sales Strategist, Trainer, Keynote Speaker

“Wayne … was fabulous. He took legal issues and made them fun. I highly recommend Wayne.”

~ Janet Bailey, Speaker, Coach

“Wayne made law fun. If you get a chance to see him, take it.”

~ Kali Williams, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur

~  I tell business owners how to avoid hidden legal land mines.  ~

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Establish a Culture of Confidence

What is Your Company's Culture? Every company, no matter the size operates with its own culture. That culture sometimes evolves unintentionally. Other times it is determined by design. However it comes about there is no culture better than a culture of confidence. A...

Salesforce Confidence

Creating A Culture of Confidence You can teach your sales staff all of the technical tricks of the trade. You can arm them with all of the proper tools. If they don’t have the confidence to use them, it is just a waste of time and money. Experienced sales managers...

Self-Doubt Eliminated

Self-Doubt Can Be Your Biggest Problem Self-doubt is a crippling condition. One of the hardest things for some people to do is to silence that voice that whispers in your ear that you are not good enough. I call it your Gremlin. It is something that can stop even the...

Entrepreneur Marketing Errors

Entrepreneur Encouragement The majority of people who start out to be an entrepreneur go out of business within about three years. I see my job as a speaker and coach to keep that from happening to you. Most people in business are capable of doing better than they are...

Mistakes Help You Learn

There Are Mistakes Everywhere Mistakes are a constant in life. Everybody makes them. They are a sign of progress. Making mistakes is how you grow. If you did everything right, you wouldn’t be learning a thing. Think about it. Without mistakes you would never realize...

Sexual Harassment Standards

Sexual Harassment and the Law Sexual Harassment in the workplace has been against the law in America for more than fifty years. In Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Congress enacted the following language. “It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an...

Opportunity Outlook

Opportunity Is Out There If you have what I like to call an opportunity outlook you will suddenly find yourself with so many of them that it will start to seem overwhelming. That sounds crazy, I know. But it is true. It is all a matter of perspective. How you choose...

Leadership Lies and History

Leadership Stories Leadership speakers tell a certain story so often that it has been accepted as true and has become part of our culture of belief. The problem I see is that the story has become so common place that these speakers are just repeating something they...

Thanksgiving 2017

Thankful For All Things This Thanksgiving is no different for me than most of the others in recent years. It is not “exceptional.” And for that, I am thankful. You see, for many years I had to stop and question what it was I was thankful for on this holiday. To the...

Entrepreneurs’ Legal Struggles

Entrepreneurs' Legal Resource Entrepreneurs are always watching the bottom line. That is perfectly understandable. You are in business to make a profit. You must keep a sharp eye on expenses. Most entrepreneurs are never going to run afoul of the law. Business owners...